Today, we are all sound engineers… Technology (microphones, audio interfaces, software, hardware, etc.), is now at hand to anyone who has the time to get the perfect take. In my blog you will find information and tips to improve your recordings. But what about post-production, mixing and mastering?
Talking with some musicians or reading several opinions, the point is the hard way to make a good mix.
My concern is that you can enjoy the effort put into the creation of your music, leaving in my ears the process of design the sound, mixing and mastering. This allows an external view, objective and creativity that can give shape to the sound you are seeking.
The mix and mastering have their secrets and I know them.
I want to be part of your project, so I invite you to try the difference between the mixes that you have not finished, and the sound that I can bring to you.

Cristian Rodriguez Lunecke
Sound Engineer / Musical Producer

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