Musician, Producer or Engineer?

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How many times have you recorded that guitar solo that you feel great one day and listening after a couple of days, you realize that it is possible to improve it? Or how many times did you record the same drum track of a song for not being satisfied with the performance or the sound of the take? And what about the vocals ... and with each instrument and every musician who wants to going to perfection.  

It is really good to have a recording studio available 24 hours a day without worrying about the cost of the time and
 the infinite possibility of recording and re-recording what did you not feel right. It´s ok to get the best take, but have you ever thought about the cons that this causes? After listening to 100 times your musical creation, will you want to hear it again 100 times when you're working on editing and mixing?
If your recording took 2 months to find the perfect take, how many time will take you to achieve the sound you want in the mix?
 From my personal experience I know this story. Fortunately as a musician, I know my limits, but technically I’m getting into a maze that I won't get out of easily. I have more than 10 versions of a song mix, named as Premix 1, Premix 2, Premix 3, 4, 5 etc and after those others named final Mix 1, Final 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on with the master versions.

I am talking about this, because I consider very important to have a global and an objective vision of the work, either as a musician, technician or musical producer, is at the moment of entering to record.
 It’s ok if you want to find the execution and sound perfect, but It’s better to know where to stop. When you try to exceed these limits, the work becomes artificial and it is because after 300 times of spinning the same song, objectivity has already been lost.

This is why it is necessary to consider the participation of a musical producer, or someone who can decide with a global vision which of the 5 initial takes of the guitar solo is the one that blows his mind or which of the 5 takes of the vocal tracks has the best performance. Is what will define the human feeling in the take. The important thing about the technical vision lies in the same thing: a bass drum that rang with a little less level, or a note insignificantly out of quantization. This makes the music more organic and perceiving those details will make you say this was performed. Otherwise, you better use drum machines and virtual instruments for programming your music.

It is extraordinary to have the technology available, but it is better to even use it and not to abuse it.


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