Audio files for Mixing and Mastering

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I have received a lot of material to mix and other for mastering, recordings and/or mixes that I didn’t start from the beginning. Here I leave this information to optimize the quality of your recordings and audio for mix and/or master.


For a good audio capture

Overall there is quite a bit of care as to the recording quality of the tracks to mix, but I have received quite uneven sessions. With level audio tracks bordering the silence and others full of clips and distortion. It is important to check  the level of each instrument to record before push the REC button. Each instrument brings a specific level, snare drum, kick drum, bass guitar, guitar, etc. Take a rehearsal of the song, with the intention that the musician plays, to set the input gain of our recording system. Once the levels are ok, I recommend lowering 2 dB from the maximum level detected on the meters. That guarantees that we will get a safe recording. The same  when converting virtual instruments to audio track.


To work on mixes of your sessions

First, I minimun recommend a recording sampling rate of 44,100 Hz and a resolution of 16 bits in WAV or AIFF. Best, if is 48,000 Hz and 24bits. It can be higher, but we have large files to be transferred. You don't need to come out stereo track if you’re recording mono instruments. If an instrument with a single microphone is recorded, even if it is recorded on a stereo channel, the sound will be mono. You only get large files. Only stereos must be output in stereo, although they can be exported as 2 mono tracks (left and right). A session is required with the tracks consolidated individually, with the locators always in the same range. If you work with Cubase, you can send me the project session, deleting unused files from the pool. If you have any questions, you can ask me.


Audio files for mastering

For all formats (CD, vinyl, networks, etc.), the requirements are the same. First, you should not insert any type of limiter into the master channel of the software. No effect altering the mixing phase. The master channel levels must not exceed -3db at their average value, and eventually peak value of 0dB. If the meter is clipping, I recommend lowering the master level to reach this values. The audio format must be in WAV or AIFF, in at least 44,100 Hz and 16-bit. I recommend 48,000 Hz and 24 bits. There's no reason to rise the sampling frequency and resolution when exporting if the recording was not originally made in those values.

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