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It is not a new to send a lot of information via the web, such as a full recording session, from anywhere on the planet. In this way I have done works for musicians and producers from differents places in Chile, as well as for artists from Argentina, Uruguay, Sweden, Australia, among others. Today we can use several clouds services, such as Dropbox, Googledrive, WeTransfer, etc. By these ways, you can send me your audio sessions or your mixed tracks, and with my equipment and my technical and professional quality, I will shape the sound you seek for your music.

"Versatility" is my watchword. The experience acquired over time, turns me very familiar with a lot of musical styles, obtaining results according to the International music standards.

I invite you to know me, to listen my work. I am ready to clear your doubts and to contribute with my knowledge to help you with your recordings, to get appropriate technical quality for a final result 100% professional.

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